A130 1B45

DD BLOX modular homes

Beautiful one bedroom pre-crafted home with bathroom and kitchen. Included Insulated floors, walls, and roof, with wooden cladded exterior walls, double glazed windows and Ceramic Tiled floors. Transportation and installation anywhere in Lebanon is included. Excluded any cranes onsite that may be required  and VAT.

The exterior walls are insulated and cladded with aged wood. The interior walls and ceiling are lined with painted gypsum board. The doors and double glazed windows are included, as well as basic kitchenette, sanitary fixtures and electrical distribution, providing a turnkey solution.
*Price Excludes Transportation & Installation, and Tax Charges


• Parquet Floor Finish 
• Ramp
• Network, UPS, Telephone Sockets 
• Solar Panels

A beautiful home

A130 1B45 is a seamless getaway designed to accommodate any topography.



The exterior walls are cladded with aged wood while the interior walls are lined with painted gypsum board.


The perfect getaway